Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning Software

In today's ever-changing business landscape, finance teams are expected to keep up with the shifting market conditions. But, for finance teams to adapt to business shifts successfully, they need to equip themselves with a software tool that enables agile, accurate and collaborative planning. MODLR's CPM Cloud provides finance teams with one unified platform to streamline their financial planning processes. With the MODLR Cloud, finance teams can build accurate, driver-based forecasts and start modelling for any outcome with multidimensional scenario planning.

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In this datasheet, you'll discover MODLR Cloud's budgeting, forecasting and planning features and capabilities, such as:

  • Multidimensional scenario modelling to model for multiple outcomes.
  • Customisable phasing drivers to suit an organisation's planning and budgeting needs.
  • Data integrations to provide organisations with a 360° view of their financial data.
  • MODLR's Microsoft Excel Add-in, to support organisations who want to leverage the power of both platforms.
  • And more...

And find out how these features can drive:

  • Shorter planning cycle times and streamlined planning processes, enabling finance teams to focus on high-value strategy.
  • A company-wide collaborative, data-driven culture to eliminate organisation's planning silos.
  • Accurate budgeting, forecasting and planning, using a single source of truth and a single version of truth.