Sales Planning

Increase your understanding of the pipeline and sales profitability

Ensure a Successful Sales Plan

Effective sales planning allows for businesses to integrate quota planning, territory planning, sales incentivisation, sales coverage and segmentation of accounts and target markets. This information aids corporate finance forecasts, projections of company sales, and the development of management strategy. Manageable targets and expectations can be set accurately by sales managers, maximising energy, target responsibility and efficiency within your workforce. Crucial components that make up a successful sales plan comprise:

  • Run through different scenarios of sales based on promotions, regulations, trends, resource allocation and differing business capacities.
  • Forecast sales to aid preparation and strategy making cycles.
  • Balance manageability and expectations of growth in target sales for the sales department.
  • Provide real-time performance data of sales leaders to manage incentive plans and drive sales.
  • Merge quota planning, territory planning, sales coverage and segmentation of accounts into one area.
  • Unify sales expectations with business targets, objectives, and KPI’s.
  • Calculate the resulting sales commissions and incentivisation based on targets for a given sales person.

The above sales planning processes using traditional spreadsheet software face numerous software limitations. Moving to a cloud-based planning platform ensures sales plans consistently hit revenue targets.

Align Sales with Strategy in MODLR

Multi-Scenario Planning

Test different situations and ‘what-if’ scenarios in regards to individual reps and assumptions, and view in an intuitive dashboard interface. Use predictive analytics to construct detailed forecasts and trends that may impact your sales.

Integrated Platform

Link your sales rep with teams across the company to strategise and make optimal decisions based on relevant information across the company, such as demand plans, production plans, corporate decisions, sales plans and forecasts.

Effective Quota Building

Automatically build quotas based on an array of data including the potential size of accounts, previous rep performance, and seasonality.

Adapt Quota Information into Optimal Decisions

Efficiently set plans for quotas and territories, and instantly adapt them to market fluctuations. Quota data can be rolled up or drilled down to provide holistic or granular insight into sales performance, allowing adjustments to company-wide plans and strategies.

Converge Quotas with Incentive Programs

Adapt commission calculations to report current and forecast views of staff incentivisation based on quota analytics, providing a motivational tool to align sales representatives to hit profit targets and revenue goals.

The MODLR Way to Manage Sales Targets

Use MODLR archive function to store sales targets & compare to actual performance Compare to actuals Feed sales forecasts into operational & management strategy plans Feed sales forecasts Calculate potential variable compensation for incentive plans Calculate variable Pay Collaborate on appropriate sales targets with key sales managers Set sales targets Import Advertising & Marketing Initiatives as inputs to the sales target setting process Import initiatives Import economic trends for sales personas and profiles Import economic trends Automatically import historical sales data & trends, from CRM & operational databases Import sales data

ERP Integration

Connect to your ERP to automatically pull the most recent actuals

Excel Integration

Plan and Report on MODLR models from within Excel Workbooks.

CRM Integration

Connect to your CRM to automatically pull the most recent pipeline activity


View Audit reporting of who changed what, and when

Globally Apply Logic

Apply business logic across models globally, not in fits and starts across specific cells in certain spreadsheets

Automated backups

Your information is safe and secure, no corrupt Excel workbooks or cell formula errors

Driver-based Planning

Quantify the financial impact of your changing operational drivers

Real-time Updates

Consolidate the plan in real time across entities and business units

MODLR's real-time sales dashboards

Real-time Sales Dashboard

The MODLR real-time sales dashboards provides a window into your sales performance to ensure sales targets and revenue goals are met.

Integrate with your CRM System

MODLR can connect to any operational data systems including most Customer Relationship Management platforms. Your sales pipeline can be imported and reported on as well as used to calculate sales commissions for sales personnel.

Integrate your corporate performance management with your CRM
Replicate your planning process

Replicate your Planning Process

Design a sales pipeline planning process to suit your business cycles and structures. Provide each sales manager with the information needed to action leads and stay informed of their accumulating commission.

B2B Bulk Orders Planning

MODLR's B2B bulk orders planning solution includes foreign exchange conversions for price sensitivities modelling.

B2B bulk sales order planning
Retail Sales Planning

B2C Retail Sales Planning

MODLR's Retail Sales Planning solution allows teams to either set their targets using a zero-based planning methodology or through rolling forecasts using last year's seasonality with an annual increase percentage.


Build a Revenue Planning model

Watch MODLR’s tutorial on how to build a price, discount, and volume planning workview; as well as master dimensions, cubes, and processes in the MODLR cloud.