Management Scorecards

Set company-wide goals and track the performance of your managers all in one place

Key to Successfully Tracking Management Performance

Success in business is driven by efficient management and effective prioritisation, this involves systematic management of prioritised KPI’s. Management scorecards are an effective tool to hold accountability and commitment for all managers. The scorecard framework simplifies strategic goals and objectives to be understood by every sector and level of business. It communicates and emphasises the impact of individual employees and shows how their actions can contribute to the overall success of the business. Managers have many issues to tackle and prioritise, so saving time on this process and improving the understanding of cause and effect gives more room to make agile decisions.

  • Maintains a visual representation of the core business drivers, their relationships with each other and financial outcomes.
  • Provides a structure that holds accountability and commitment of KPI targets to all organisation levels of management.
  • Actionable plans linked with performance indicators that incorporate initiatives involving strategy and operations.
  • Pre-established connections with forecasting tools and models for easy progress tracking around KPI targets.

The above management scorecard processes using traditional spreadsheet software face numerous software limitations. Moving to a cloud-based planning platform ensures sales plans consistently hit revenue targets.

Drive Managerial Performance with MODLR

Links KPI’s and Related Actions

KPI’s are built to adapt to dashboards and scorecards and allows the monitoring of performance from all levels of an organisation.

Collaboration, Explanations and Attachments

Initiate discussion threads, and link related documents and information to heighten collaboration with all users.

Effective Visualisations

Provide clear and effective visualisations of information, that deliver strategy and causal relationships between performance indicators, initiatives and corporate objectives.

Adaptable framework

Can be changed to suit any popular framework method, such as Six Sigma, a balanced scorecard and unique or customised methods around specific needs of an organisation.

Start Focusing on Strategic Goals with Management Scorecards in MODLR

Managers are held responsible for their departments’ performance and encouraged to make changes Improve Accordingly Scorecards are reviewed relative to other managers performance Scorecards Reviewed Productivity data is collected and summarised Summarise Productivity data Managers enter comments to justify unusual numbers and variances Add Comments Managers input specific targets for their own departments Input Targets Executive branch designate company wide targets for managers to aspire towards Designate Targets

ERP Integration

Connect to your ERP to automatically pull the most recent actuals

Excel Integration

Plan and Report on MODLR models from within Excel Workbooks.

CRM Integration

Connect to your CRM to automatically pull the most recent pipeline activity


View Audit reporting of who changed what, and when

Globally Apply Logic

Apply business logic across models globally, not in fits and starts across specific cells in certain spreadsheets

Automated backups

Your information is safe and secure, no corrupt Excel workbooks or cell formula errors

Driver-based Planning

Quantify the financial impact of your changing operational drivers

Real-time Updates

Consolidate the plan in real time across entities and business units

Management Scorecards: Trace the flow of information

Trace the Flow of Information

Quickly see which departments are performing the best and where others need to improve. Hold managers accountable for their teams and improve productivity with clear targets and comparisons.

Track Revenue Trends

Design dashboards to present revenue targets in near real-time; compare actuals versus budgets, measure performance to the previous year’s and display the highest performing accounts.

Management Scorecards:Track Revenue Trends

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