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Synchronize business goals and targets with customer satisfaction

FP&A Software for Financial Services

The Financial Services industry relies upon a customer-first accountability and priority. Stakeholders involved in investments, insurance, banking etc are focused on retaining profits within their companies and making sure they have satisfied clientele. With the economic volatility in global markets, and turbulence around consumer values and modernizing trends and regulations around business practices, there is greater imperative than ever to be able to adapt and have efficient planning and reporting systems. MODLR provides those capabilities and more under an integrated real-time, cloud-based planning platform.

MODLR provides the Financial industry an efficient and effective software platform that allows rolling-based and integrated reporting between all branches of the business. Using MODLR, financial and corporate information can be overseen and reflected in a singular real-time based platform to the proper managers and stakeholders. Through streamlining information into one platform, forecasting, analysis, and decision-making are made far more efficient and effective for users within this industry. Not only will MODLR help grow and simplify everyday processes for companies within the financial industry, but it will give better tracking of consumer preferences and wants allowing effective future strategies to be made around customers.

Modelling Opportunities

  1. Customer profitability analysis through allocations of internal costs by activity Turn consignment touch and scan events into cost allocation receivers to better understand profit by lane, customer, and consignment.
  2. Produce customer rate cards to enable easier comparison of similar customer discounting, freight size and weights and resulting revenues.
  3. Customer pricing audit, analysis and benchmarking.

MODLR's Solutions

From your standard month end to highly complex what-If analysis - MODLR has you covered.

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