Our Story

Our story begins with the need to help customers find insight from their data, and use insight to stay ahead of their competitors.

Ben Hill started his career as a consultant implementing Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions for companies across Australia and New Zealand. During this time Ben used different software platforms to streamline the flow of data from finance and operational systems into analytical modelling platforms.

Ben realised that due to the constraints he encountered while using existing antiquated software systems, he couldn't deliver on the promise of integrated planning, he found a way to release his frustrations by taking to computer game development on the side. Quickly, he developed several successful computer games, including some that are still played to this day.

In 2014, after finally becoming fed up with the ability of existing software vendors to deliver a modern and flexible CPM platform, Ben commenced development of "MODLR - The Corporate Performance Cloud".

While the well-known corporate software providers continued to plug gaps in the functionality of their software stack by purchasing and integrating other products, Ben thought differently. He knew a disconnected platform would never deliver on the promise of connected planning, and so he strode to create a single, integrated platform, from front to back.

By building MODLR from the ground up, Ben was able to include all the features he, his colleagues and his clients had always wanted but couldn't get from the traditional giants of the industry. Prioritising the usability of the interface, MODLR grew into a powerful yet simple platform that follows the golden rule of game development - easy to pick up, difficult to master.

Today, MODLR provides companies with an innovative platform to understand historical business performance and collaboratively design future management plans and strategies for success in their industry.