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Budgeting, Reporting and Forecasting Software for Logistics

The logistics industry greatly relies on effective planning, implementation and control processes for their service to succeed, which can be difficult with constant global shifts in technology and the environment. The pressures of climate change initiatives create a need for sustainable, greener and more often costly packaging, along with regulation changes within the resource industry and the management of up-and-coming new technologies generate many challenges for the logistics industry. Managers must now re-evaluate and plan around these new issues while retaining efficiency and effectiveness in their logistical processes.

Here is where MODLR can help; alleviating the difficulties and time-consuming nature of traditional spreadsheet planning - with a real-time, integrated reporting platform. MODLR allows all end-users to receive clear, real-time and easy to access information about changes within a company. If new regulations are introduced around the banning of plastic packaging, MODLR allows redeveloped plans to be instantly communicated to all the necessary parties without painful in-house reporting logistics. This will also spare a great deal of time for crucial decision making. Therefore, by utilising MODLR, logistics companies can quickly evaluate and adapt their planning, implementation and control processes and garner an edge against their competitors.

Reporting, Visual Analytics, Planning, and Forecasting for Logistics

Modelling Opportunities

  1. Turn consignment touch and scan events into cost allocation receivers to better understand profit by lane, customer, and consignment.
  2. Produce customer rate cards to enable easier comparison of similar customer discounting, freight size and weights and resulting revenues.
  3. Customer pricing audit, analysis and benchmarking.

MODLR's Solutions

From your standard month end to highly complex what-If analysis - MODLR has you covered.

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