Financial Reporting Solution

Discover how MODLR's financial reporting solution enables organisations to create real-time, on-demand reports, “What-if" Analyses and dashboards on budgets, forecasts and plans - and more.

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In this datasheet, discover MODLR's financial reporting key features and benefits, such as:

  • Automating traditionally manual processes to streamline financial reporting.
  • Integrate with third-party data sources to simplify data consolidation unite disparate systems.
  • Create real-time, on-demand reports, "what-if" analyses and dashboards across budgets, forecasts and plans.
  • Use NLP technology to dive deeper into your data and uncover valuable insights to drive accurate decision-making.
  • Use MODLR's quick pivot function to view your information from all angles to gain a comprehensive understanding of your organisation's performance.
  • Leverage MODLR's Excel Add-in to push data into Excel or pull data from Excel into MODLR. MODLR’s Excel Add-in enables seamless export to Excel workbooks.