The Cloud

Accessible from anywhere, simple to use, our modelling and reporting platform empowers you and your team to set your goals and execute them better than ever.

Gain accurate business insights - faster

A powerful business modelling platform

Model business financials and operations, overlay and compare multiple scenarios, and perform in-depth analysis once - then review on-demand as needed.

A collaborative planning platform

Collaborate on Corporate Budgets and Forecasts involving all stakeholders to manage and estimate their targets and plans via workflow.

A dynamic corporate reporting solution

Produce insightful profitability reporting and consolidated reporting for anyone, anywhere, at any time, all aggregated in real time.

A powerful ETL Engine

Bring data together from any number of source systems including external databases and other cloud platforms in a structured and scheduled fashion.

A multi-dimensional data engine

Slice and Dice datasets into stunning online reports with the pivot-table interface. Report on an unlimited number of dimensions.

A D3 visualisation engine

The world's leading visualisation engine is used for both our standard visualisation and for extending MODLR with your custom visualisation.

MODLR vs Traditional Spreadsheet Planning

Financial planning with traditional spreadsheets

Creating financial models typically requires collaboration between multiple geographies, departments and teams. Models built using traditional spreadsheet planning can mean:

Lacking Version Control

Different versions of the same plan, cause frequent confusion and delays in the planning cycle.

Manual Process Handling

Important decisions are delayed due to lengthy revisions, consolidating budgets and building reports manually

Disconnected Planning

Managing multiple different geographies and departments; companies experience numerous inaccuracies with a disjointed planning platform.

Issues with Data Security

Companies frequently encounter security issues with traditional spreadsheet planning, such as confidentiality breaches through breakable passwords.

Financial Planning after implementing MODLR

MODLR transforms the financial planning of organisations worldwide with collaborative planning. Gain agility to efficiently analyse and implement plans through:

Efficient Version Control

Companies are always up-to-date with files; audit reporting enables them to easily track changes and restore version histories.

Automated Processes

Allows companies to spend their time focusing on important strategic-level decisions.

Company-wide Collaboration

Clear understanding, and collaborative communication for planning across geographies, departments and teams, under one unified single source of truth.

Secure Data

All models and applications include robust user access controls, ensuring all information is protected through the highest-level of data security systems.

Pricing & Licensing

With MODLR Cloud’s competitive pricing, companies, large or small, can afford company-wide collaboration and enjoy the benefits of Connected Planning. Our Cloud pricing is billed monthly or annually and is based on:

Number of:


The end-user role.

  • Access deployed applications
  • Read and write data in the deployed application

Number of:


The reports or dashboards building role.

  • All abilities of the collaborator role
  • Design and modify reports or dashboards in the deployed application

Number of:


The administration & developer role.

  • All abilities of the analyst & collaborator roles
  • Build dimensions, hierarchies & workviews, to form the business logic for your application
  • First Modeller is free

Size and quantity of:

Cloud Instances

Each cloud instance (ranging from 1GB - 1TB) is a resizeable, single-tenanted server, running our specialized data analytics engine.

Up to 1 TB
of memory

Email and SMS

Supported on
major browsers

Microsoft Excel

Single Tenanted



nightly backups



Collaborative Planning

Unite planning across all departments in your company to achieve exceptional collaboration, streamlined data, and greater insights.

MODLR Integrations

Connect your favourite platforms with MODLR to automate your workflows and reduce manual processes; providing you and your team with more time to focus on the stuff that really matters.

MODLR in action

  • With MODLR's Management Scorecards Solution you can quickly see which managers are performing the best and where others need to improve, increasing productivity through clear targets and comparisons.

  • With MODLR's Annual Budgeting Solution, you can check where all departments and managers are in the budgeting process, speeding up the workflow and keeping teams accountable.

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