Cash Flow Forecasting

Forecast cash flow accurately to power your short term initiatives and long term growth

Stay on course with real-time cash flow updates

Cash flow management is fundamental to the protection and growth of any business, especially in today’s rapidly changing environments. Every business needs to quickly and clearly understand the impacts of its cash flow decisions; any business cannot afford a slow, inaccurate, or unclear view of its cash flow.

Build driver-based cash flow forecasts with Cloud-based Software

Make sure your cash is allocated efficiently and that your long term assets and capital are looked after, to create a strong foothold for your business. Plan out the organic and inorganic growth strategies with MODLR’s Cloud Software; conduct driver-based cash flow forecasting and scenario analysis to identify the best short term and long term strategies for your business.

Have confidence in your future with MODLR

See the complete story of your cash balances

Understand the full story of your cash decisions. See the impacts of your choices and give clarity to key stakeholders on short-term liquidity and long-term profitability.

Make real-time course corrections at all levels

Identify trends and the best strategies to reallocate cash. Make better investment decisions by reducing cash flow risk.

Keep accurate track of cash inflows and outflows

Action plans quickly with cash managers, controllers and business leaders under one unified platform to make the most of your business opportunities.

Cash flow forecasting with MODLR Software

Review trends and drill down to subsidiary performance Perform ad hoc analysis Identify and understand differences between plan and actuals Review monthly variances to plan Adjust invoice payments dates, increase or reduce spend plan Adjust cash flow plans Set up company, accounts and departmental structures Map your chart of accounts Automatically import your invoices and payments Import invoices and payments Automatically import your historical spend from ERP Import trial balances Design a live connection between MODLR and your ERP Integrate with ERP(S)

ERP Integration

Connect to your ERP to automatically pull the most recent actuals

Excel Integration

Plan and Report on MODLR models from within Excel Workbooks.


View Audit reporting of who changed what, and when

Variance Analysis

Collect commentary on variances between actuals, budgets and forecasts

Globally Apply Logic

Apply business logic across models globally, not in fits and starts across specific cells in certain spreadsheets

Notification Support

Send emails or SMS alerts when submissions are made to the budget

Driver-based Planning

Quantify the financial impact of your changing operational drivers

Flexible Budgeting

MODLR can adapt to different types of budgeting styles and methods, such as zero-based budgeting

Annual Budgeting: Manipulate Reports

Unite your planning

Unite your plans, teams and data to form a single, centralised platform to move with agility and enact plans with precision. Increase collaboration across cash managers, financial controllers, and business leaders to solidify your long-term positioning.

Future-proof your business

Gain an accurate view of your past, current, and future cash flow to ensure you have full confidence in your plans. Create “what-if” scenarios to fuel informed decision-making, and understand the levers to reallocate cash.

financial close and consolidation solutions

Gain a real-time view of your cash flow

Made for every customer, MODLR can integrate with your favourite systems, boasting a wide range of pre-built integrations including Oracle, SAP, Sage, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics and so much more. MODLR’s data source expertise and flexible integration capabilities ensure that our cash flow forecating solution will provide you with an always up-to-date cash flow forecast.

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