Rolling Forecasts

Build plans that evolve with your business

Are you relying on static and out-of-date annual budgets?

It doesn't take long for Annual plans to become static after their creation - since they're unable to reflect market fluctuations. As changes happen, plans quickly become outdated, and making decisions from inaccurate information puts your business at risk.

Gain agility with accurate Rolling Forecasts

Rolling Forecasts keep your business updated with the latest information while maintaining alignment with your strategic goals. Continuously rolling your planning periods while adjusting key drivers will ensure forecasts are accurate and your business stays agile. Allow your team insight into the impacts of decisions over the next year, not just the current one.

When new monthly data arrives, FP&A teams need to perform a budget to actuals variance analysis and re-forecast future periods. Doing this manually through Excel can be an extremely cumbersome task, and forecasts become prone to errors.

Adapt to change with confidence with Rolling Forecasts

Save time by automating your Rolling Forecasts

Connect directly to your data with MODLR’s wide range of data integrations and automate your actuals imports, reconciliation and variance analysis - enabling forecasts to be rolled forward automatically each month.

Improve your Risk Analysis whilst adapting to change

Assess the effects of actuals on forecasted trends automatically. Delve into the impacts of adjusting key drivers and create real-time forecasts that instantly react to market changes, strengthening decision-making.

Align key drivers together with teams

Directly allocate your resource to your most critical key business drivers. Collaborate across departments, and build agile, detailed, and aligned rolling forecasts in less time and less effort.

The MODLR Way to build Rolling Forecasts

Automate the rolling forecasts and variance analysis, and course correct when needed …and automate Apply driver logic to the account groups to generate a base line plan Apply driver logic Play with sensitivities and growth rates to align with strategy Play with sensitivities Analyse trends and determine drivers per account group Determine drivers Plan to a horizon that matters to you Choose a planning horizon Build data cubes to hold the historical actuals Build financial cubes Automatically import your historical spend from ERP Import trial balances

ERP Integration

Connect to your ERP to automatically pull the most recent actuals

Excel Integration

Plan and Report on MODLR models from within Excel Workbooks.


View Audit reporting of who changed what, and when

Variance Analysis

Collect commentary on variances between actuals, budgets and forecasts

Globally Apply Logic

Apply business logic across models globally, not in fits and starts across specific cells in certain spreadsheets

Notification Support

Send emails or SMS alerts when submissions are made to the budget

Driver-based Planning

Quantify the financial impact of your changing operational drivers

Flexible Budgeting

MODLR can adapt to different types of budgeting styles and methods, such as zero-based budgeting

Rolling forecasts solutions

Ensure accurate decision-making

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your real-time drivers of performance to optimise your current results and inform plans. Rolling Forecasts provides you with the business agility needed to respond to time-sensitive business challenges and enables you to reallocate resources to high-revenue drivers.

Centralise your data

Create a single source of truth by uniting your disparate operational systems, spreadsheets and financial plans within MODLR, providing your team with a centralised view of the organisation's data.

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