Value Driver Trees

Visual representation of key business drivers and their impact on financial performance

The well of untapped potential explored using value driver trees

The untapped potential of value driver trees in advanced operations is in the missed opportunities for cost reduction and revenue growth. By neglecting these critical insights into the key factors that impact profitability, a company risks making uninformed decisions and failing to adapt to changing market conditions. Prioritizing value driver tree analysis empowers businesses to enhance their strategic planning and financial performance.

Maximizing Business Value with Value Driver Trees

Value driver tree analysis brings the benefit of enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and visibility into critical business factors. It allows for real-time scenario modeling, what-if analysis, and quick identification of key value drivers, enabling more informed decision-making, cost optimization, and revenue maximization. This approach streamlines financial planning and analysis processes, ultimately leading to improved financial performance and competitive advantage.

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Data Integration and Accessibility

MODLR centralize data from various sources, making it easier to access, aggregate, and analyze information related to value drivers. This ensures that all relevant data is readily available for value driver tree construction

Scenario Modeling

MODLR enable scenario modeling, allowing businesses to analyze how changes in value drivers impact financial outcomes. Users can experiment with different scenarios to assess potential impacts on revenue, costs, and profitability

Automation and Efficiency

MODLR automate various financial processes, including data collection, consolidation, and reporting. This streamlines the creation and maintenance of value driver trees, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors

Real-Time Updates

MODLR provide real-time data updates, ensuring that value driver trees reflect the latest financial and operational information. This timeliness allows businesses to make informed decisions based on current conditions

Collaboration and Reporting

MODLR support collaboration among teams by allowing multiple users to work on value driver trees simultaneously. Additionally, these tools offer reporting capabilities to communicate findings and insights with stakeholders effectively

Value Driver Tree with MODLR Software

Design a live connection between MODLR and your ERP, CRM & accounting software Data Integration Data Integration Analyze and identify the specific value driverswithin the dataset Analysis Analysis Identifying key factors that significantly impact within the dataset Identify key drivers Identify key drivers Build a tree structure linking between your key value drivers and financial outcomes Modeling Modeling Use MODLR for scenario analysis capabilities byadjusting the values of key drivers Scenario Analysis Scenario Analysis Make data-driven decisions to optimizebusiness strategies & adjust the key drivers Optimize and Adjust Optimize and Adjust Regularly monitor theperformance of keydrivers & update tree Monitoring and Reporting Monitoring and Reporting

ERP Integration

Connect to your ERP to automatically pull the most recent actuals

Excel Integration

Plan and Report on MODLR models from within Excel Workbooks.


View Audit reporting of who changed what, and when

Variance Analysis

Collect commentary on variances between actuals, budgets and forecasts

Globally Apply Logic

Apply business logic across models globally, not in fits and starts across specific cells in certain spreadsheets

Notification Support

Send emails or SMS alerts when submissions are made to the budget

Driver-based Planning

Quantify the financial impact of your changing operational drivers

Flexible Budgeting

MODLR can adapt to different types of budgeting styles and methods, such as zero-based budgeting

Transform analysis with visual Value Driver Trees

MODLR can provide the clear visual representations of the relationships between key value drivers and financial outcomes, it can provide dynamic, real-time overviews of critical performance indicators. This visual approach simplifies benchmarking, prioritizes KPIs and tracks performance for improved operational efficiency.

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varaince anaalysis: Manipulate Reports

Transform Performance Management with MODLR's Value Driver Model (VDM)

MODLR introduces a solution for businesses looking to enhance their performance management capabilities. The VDM allows organizations to create a customized tree structure that visually represents the relationships between key value drivers and financial outcomes. MODLR efficiently analyze the impact of changes in your value drivers on financial results, facilitating scenario analysis and strategic planning.


Real-time dashboard tracks critical performance

The real-time dashboard in MODLR monitors and displays essential performance metrics in an interactive and dynamic manner, allowing users to instantly assess the key drivers. It works by connecting to data sources, enabling the tracking of critical KPIs, and providing users with real-time insights into their performance.

financial close and consolidation solutions

Gain a real-time view of your cash flow

Made for every customer, MODLR can integrate with your favourite systems, boasting a wide range of pre-built integrations including Oracle, SAP, Sage, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics and so much more. MODLR’s data source expertise and flexible integration capabilities ensure that our cash flow forecating solution will provide you with an always up-to-date cash flow forecast.

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