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Traditional financial and operational planning is too disconnected, overly complicated and far too manual for growing businesses. For efficient and effective planning, you need a solution that's easy, powerful, and fast.

MODLR is business modelling and collaborative planning software that provides everything you need to enable a connected financial planning process. Accessible from anywhere, simple to use, our modeling and reporting platform empowers you and your team to set your goals and execute better than ever.

A Powerful Business Modelling Environment

Model Business Financials and Operations, overlay and compare multiple scenarios and perform in-depth analysis once, then review on-demand as needed.

A Collaborative Planning Platform

Collaborate on Corporate Budgets and Forecasts involving all stakeholders to manage and estimate their targets and plans via workflow

A Dynamic Corporate Reporting Solution

Produce insightful profitability reporting and consolidated reporting for anyone, anywhere at any time, all aggregated in real time.

Creating financial models typically requires multiple people building, reviewing, approving, and presenting the outcomes. For many organizations this means passing around files and data, which sometimes leads to accuracy, data integrity, and version control issues. This outdated approach creates risk and eats up lots of productive time.

MODLR is helping organizations worldwide use connected planning to transform their balance sheet and cash flow plans, revenue forecasts, headcount analyses, budgets, and expense plans. MODLR enables a continuous and connected planning process so that your planning gives you the speed to focus on execution and eventualities rather than the planning process.

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Connected planning models can be deployed in days, not weeks or months. Reach out to us for quick start tutorial demo and we can help you develop a working proof of concept in no time.

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